G8 Protest Posters [by Peter Kennard]
Download, share, post and print your own G8 protest posters. Created by Peter Kennard. Used by you.
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The G8 is coming to the UK. To a backyard near you. A backyard called Enniskillen. This is where leaders of its eight member countries will sit around tables for a week making and taking decisions that will hold our lives further in the balance through money, the environment, war and everything else in between.

These posters are designed for protest. First published in Peter Kennard’s book @earth, they’ve been re-used to show dissent - and distrust - towards the actions of the G8. 

Everyone is welcome to print, Tweet, Facebook, email and share these images as a sign of protest.

You can Tweet us pictures of where you’ve used these images or upload them to Facebook and we’ll share them again on here. And we’ll show you what we’ve done with them too. If world leaders insist on assaulting our lives and livelihoods, let’s hit back by assaulting their eyes.

You’re welcome.

Peter (@at_earth) & Leah (@monstris)

Download full resolution .zip file. [129.9MB]

Download half resolution .zip file. [11.8MB]

Download web-ready .zip file. [268KB]

Download blank template for your own images. [5.7MB]